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Seoul is a city that embraces the beauty of both tradition and modernity. With five ancient palaces and five World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO, Seoul is living history of 600 years as the capital of the Chooseon Dynasty. You can experience how life was like in the past at hanok villages (traditional Korean houses), learn to make kimchi and traditional handicrafts, learn taekwondo, try making makgeolli (Korean rice wine), and try a temple stay. Many exciting and unique experiences await you in Seoul.

A Peek into Korean Culture


The streets of Insadong, the medicinal herbs market and various traditional markets will present a different type of fun and excitement.


Korea’s Palace: Gyeongbokgung Palace


Built in 1395, the location of the palace was determined based on the principles of feng shui, having Mt. Bukaksan to the back and Yukjo Street to the front along with Gwanghwamun (gate). Further to the front stands Mt. Namsan and the Cheonggyecheon Stream flows through the area, making the location the best spot in terms of feng shui. Perhaps it was indeed because of the auspiciousness of the location, but the Choseon Dynasty reigned for more than 600 years.


Experiencing Korea: Making kimchi


Kimchi is a basic side dish for Korean food. Become familiar with this globally popular dish by experience learning how to make kimchi and learning about its nutrition and history.


Traditional Culture Tour Course

Tour Course

The course goes around the traditional cultural sites of Seoul. Choose from half day, 1-day, or 2-day courses to suit your schedule.