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Seoul is a modern metropolis surrounded by mountains and divided by the Hangang. The city has several parks and trails, and pursues various policies to preserve the environment such as using eco-friendly fuel and vehicles, hosting green international conferences, and operating environment-friendly convention centers. Such policies are also reflected in the city’s administration as it purifies rain water and has water recycling centers and Arisu (brand name of Seoul’s water supply) purification centers. Seoul also boasts a strong foundation for information technology, providing access to the Internet from any location and various applications in people’s daily lives. The city features ubiquitous-based services, digital pavilions, and an exhibition space at Samsung Electronics, offering new and futuristic experiences in high-tech IT.




The Hangang has been recreated with new attractions such as parks, stages, Starlight Fountain. Waterfront cafes with magnificent views of the river and the Hangang Ferry are also popular attractions.



Although Seoul, as the capital of Korea, is a highly-developed modern city, it has grown in coexistence with the surrounding nature and offers many activities for people to do for leisure, fun, and for their health.



Digital Media City


The Digital Media City is a state-of-the-art digital media and entertainment cluster where nature, high technology, culture and humans exist in harmony.

Yongsan Electronics Market

Yongsan 2

The largest of its kind in Korea where you can find anything in electronics. This area offers a variety of entertainment kinds of online game matches, movie theater, sauna & spa.