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  • Representative
    Youngwoo Ro, KamimoriHiroari
  • Business Inquiries
    Joonbaek Song
  • Address
    Yurim bldg., 626,Tongil-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Phone
    82 2 3782 3130
  • Fax
    82 2 6234 1513
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As a LOTTE conglomerate’s sole travel company, LOTTEJTB offers you the best MICE opportunities in Seoul and Korea. LOTTEJTB launched as a joint venture between LOTTE Co. Ltd and JTB Corporation. It runs 131 overseas branches in 33 countries and 82 cities, and is one of the world’s biggest travel agencies. We deliver a very high standard of services based on seasoned expertise in destination management both at home and abroad.

Operating in 8 locations in Korea, the company offers a full range of travel-related businesses - both inbound and outbound. With cooperation with global networks of LOTTE conglomerate and JTB Corporation, LOTTEJTB has the competitive edge and know-how in Korean Wave fan meetings and MICE events. Along with strong performance in the travel industry, LOTTEJTB always aims for the consumer-oriented approach, which reflects LOTTE and JTB’s shared philosophy to treat customers with respect.