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Redcap Tour. Co. LTD

Redcap Tour. Co. LTD
Redcap Tour. Co. LTD

Redcap Tour has walked on a path as a service professional since the beginning of business in 1977. We always make our best efforts to lead the new travel culture and to grow as a clean and healthy company. With all our achievements of 30 years, we’re about to leap as a professional Business Travel Management Company.

Redcap Tour is the DMC (Destinations Management Company) you need, and we are the company that will lead the M.I.C.E. industry in the 21st century.

Redcap Tour can customize your M.I.C.E. with systematic operations and management.

Our staff of professionals has earned confidence and customer satisfaction. Operating promotional and registration websites for events, suggesting solutions for large scale events, setting up reservation system and conceptual consulting for events are Redcap’s specialized techniques that will heighten the value of your M.I.C.E.