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Trans-Korea Tour Co.,Ltd

Trans-Korea Tour Co.,Ltd
Trans-Korea Tour Co.,Ltd

Trans Korea Tour was established in July 2006, We are leading the travel of luxury goods in Korea.
Get customers to receive optimal service, we provide customized service for our customers.
In the meantime, Vietnam Airlines and 17 chartered planes have attracted Vietnamese people to Korea, Based on a lot of experience, we’re focusing on the incentive team service, and we have medical tourism service.

Business Area

  • Inbound tours : Individual travel, Group travel,
  • Medical tours : Plastic surgery, Skin care, Health check-up, Chinese Clinic
  • MISC : Meeting - Incentive - Conventions - Exhibition - Festival
  • Commercial affairs (Industry visit)
  • Reservations : Hotel, Vehicle, Interpreter, Guide
  • Other service : VISA services, Airport pick-up, etc.

“Trans Korea Tour” takes priority for your safety, easement like home and
excitement for Korea tour. Now, ”Trans Korea Tour” is for you.