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Jeongdong Theater

Jeongdong Theater
Jeongdong Theater

In 1995, Jeongdong Theater opened its doors with the historical significance of being the restored Wongaksa,
the first modern theater in Korea.

Since our successful launching of the performance brand “Miso” in 2010 with the premiere of “Love Songs from Chunhyang,” a traditional musical written and created by Jeongdong Theater, we have represented Korea’s cultural beauty and value on many stages worldwide as well as for the tourists visiting Korea from all over the globe

Jeongdong is a cultural heritage place of Modern times in where modern architectural properties are concentrated. As well as Duksugung Palace, you can see the modern architectural properties such as Seoul Anglican Cathedral(Cultural Heritage of Seoul), Jungmyeongjeon Hall(Historical Site), Chungdong First Methodist Church and Memorial of Simpson in Ewha
girl’s high school(The first institution for women) around the theater. Also you can experience various cultural event around City Hall and Seoul Museum of Arts.

Jeongdong Theater is representative cultural place in Seoul where gives you the cultural and artistic experiences as well as the mood from the nature and four seasons.