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Haera Inc. 'Fanta-Stick'

Haera Inc. 'Fanta-Stick'
Haera Inc. 'Fanta-Stick'

‘Fanta-Stick’ is the only live music performance where you can feel the powerful heart-beating rhythm of percussion and the heart-filling melodies
of Korean traditional music all at once. Rhythmical percussion sounds, breathtaking performances, remarkable traditional melodies, and a beautiful
love story will keep you thrilled throughout. Unique integration of Korean traditional instruments and percussion will give you an unforgettable
experience. It is a golden opportunity for you to be infected by a fun virus. It is more than whatever you have imagined.

In the beginning, there were a man and a woman who loved each other. God loved them so much that he gave a Heavenly drum to the man and a Heavenly flute to the woman. But the woman tore off the Heavenly drum because the man got obsessed by the Heavenly drum. As a result, God hid the Heavenly flute and made her family become ghosts. The only way to turn back into human is to play ‘Fanta-Stick’ music with the lost heavenly flute. Guess what will happen to them next?

※ Outside performance is also possible.