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Persona Inc., “Musical

Persona Inc., “Musical <CHEF: new brand of BIBAP>”
Persona Inc., “Musical <CHEF: new brand of BIBAP>”

Chul Ki Choi who is president of Persona Inc directed and produced many non-verbal performances. ‘CHEF’ is one of the main performances that Persona Inc. produced, it is a performance exhibiting Choi’s know-how from 10 years’ experience. Although there is no dialogue in ‘CHEF’, the overall story is told in a natural and fun way because of Choi Chul Ki’s 10-year devotion to non-verbal performances.

The main story of musical ‘CHEF’ is two chef’s cook-off to prove who’s best. The cook-off features live
beatboxing and stunning b-boying. This fast, exciting, appetizing and out-of-this-world musical will keep the audience on the edge of the their seat!