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O'ngo Food Communications

O'ngo Food Communications
O'ngo Food Communications

About Us

O’ngo Food Communications was established in 2008 under the motto- “Vitalize tradition through modernization”. It has since served as a cultural bridge between Korea and the world through gastronomy. By introducing and transforming Korea’s food culture into culinary programs, O’ngo creates some of the country’s finest cultural contents.

Business Area
Korean Cooking Classes

O’ngo offers a variety of cooking classes tailored to all levels, from beginners to advanced chefs. Basic-level classes integrate Korea’s popular and signature dishes while advancedlevel classes are designed for epicures and chefs. After our chef finishes demonstrations,each participant will be able to make his or her own dish, while enjoying the fellowship of guests from different cultures.

Food Tours

Our tours range from a walking food tour in the heart of Seoul, where the beauty of the past and present intersect, to a customized tour in other cities for food adventures.