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The Mackiss Company which is the largest alcoholic beverage company in Daejeon City and Chungcheong Region was established in 1973 with the motto "creativity" and "public interest support". With this motto, the Mackiss Company has launched Soju "O2 Linn" since 1973. O2 Linn contains triple oxygen of what other sojus have. So it helps people sober up 30 minutes earlier than others. Also, the Mackiss Company continuously has held the nature-friendly and CSV(Creating shared value) concept events such as Red Clay Festival in Mt. Gyejok, Topless Marathon and Mackiss Opera for local communities. In October 2017, the Mackiss Company has newly launched "Art-Interactive Theme Park" in Seoul, L’atelier, providing a time machine to travel back to 19 Century France. L’atelier is a new concept theme park that maximizes visitors’ experience by various artistic attraction, entertainment, and intelligence technology. Fully enjoy masterpieces of 19th century Impressionists such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Maurice Utrillo, Edouard-Leon Cortes and others. We reproduce Paris and Arles of 19th century France in those masterpiece not only with dioramas but also with people who lived in that time. They become the part of the paintings by talking to people who live in L’atelier.