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Korean Bar Association

Korean Bar Association

The Korean Bar Association (KBA) has been the main regulatory body for lawyers in the Republic of Korea since it was established in July 1952. Its goals are to advocate for the cause of justice and human rights and to develop accountability for attorneys in the carrying out of their duty.

The KBA is involved with many human rights activities such as the publication of the White Paper on North Korea, National Assembly monitoring and diverse legislative activities. Moreover, to actualize each lawyer’s mission to pursue the protection of human rights and justice for society as a whole, all Korean lawyers are required to fulfill their legal duty to achieve at least 20 hours of pro bono services and mandatory legal training each year.

With a membership of 14,911 registered individual legal professionals (as of May 1, 2014) and representing 14 local bar associations nationwide, the KBA strives to achieve unity, growth and development of social policies and the rule of law based on constitutionalism for the benefit of the nation.

With a dual system of attorney qualification and the doors of the Korean legal market open due to the signing of free trade agreements with different countries, the KBA has been putting great effort into the facilitation the changes and development taking place in the Korean legal profession. In addition, the KBA maintains strong working relations with the International Bar Association (IBA), Law Association for Asia and the Pacific (LAWASIA), Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), International Association of Korea Lawyers (IAKL), and many other associations to enable international development and diverse training programs for the betterment of lawyers globally.

It is the association’s belief that continual efforts for the advancement of the jurisdictional system and pursuance of the rule of law in the community will make it possible for justice to prevail in Korea and the rest of the world.