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By departing as ‘Top Class Interpretation and Translation’, which provides the simultaneous interpretation service and the multilingual translation and interpretation service, on January 1, 2009, Top Class launched the Top Class Academy, which specializes in the training and the entries of the English emcees and announcers of the international events and the international conferences in Seoul and Busan from April 2017, which is the 9th year of the business history.  And, by integrating this, it has been managing the unified company called “Top Class”.

Not only in Gangnam, Seoul, but, also, through the Haewundae Office in Busan, and with the entire country as the stage, it has been providing the even more specialized services.  And, through the diverse overseas networks, the special language services, too, are possible.  Also, through the cooperation with the diverse overseas corporations, it has been achieving the international businesses.

By having Park, Na-gyeong, the Representative of Top Class who is the English MC number 1 who pioneered the work called “the English-specializing emcee” as a professional, occupational category, at the head, the Top Class Academy, which is organized with the top group of instructors who are proud of the countless career experiences in each field of English, including broadcastings, news, emcee, interpretation, etc., has been vigorously proceeding with the recommendations and the entries through the cooperation with the departments of the translation and interpretation agency together with the top-level education.

Together with the rapid growth of the MICE (meeting, incentives, convention, events, and exhibition) industry, Top Class will accomplish the accompanied growth, and it will be the best business partner for the customers who will be directed toward the world.