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SFA Consulting

SFA Consulting

SFA Consulting provides world-class presentation coaching, training and consulting services.  We are fully committed to helping Korean professional associations and our MICE industry partners win the rights to host international conferences and special events.  SFA Consulting are experts in helping Korean professionals present in English with confidence, competence and clarity.  Through our coaching, we have won 34 international conferences that have attracted over 100,000 attendees to events in Korea.  Our bid success rate is an impressive 85%.

For Presentation Bid Consulting, we do the following:
Build up each presenter’s skill and confidence
- Conduct detailed audience analysis and cultural assessments
- Develop winning presentation strategies
- Write highly persuasive English language scripts with inspiring visual aids
- Provide presentation delivery practice with clear feedback and improvement
- Offer helpful advice and practice for handling English language Q&A sessions

For Presentation Training, we teach you and your team how to:
- Persuade with passion, power and purpose
- Deliver your message with energy, enthusiasm and excitement
- Create content that is correct, concise and coherent
- Connect with compassion to the needs, wants and desires of your audiences
- Increase your ability to inform, impress and inspire your customers and clients to take action