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Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines
Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines now flies to 10 cities on 11 routes domestically, to 63 cities in 21 countries on 76 routes internationally and on the cargo side, 26 cities in 11 countries on 23 routes with a fleet of 84 state-of-the-art aircraft. Since being named the best airline by Air Transport World in 2009, Asiana Airlines has gained a total five Airline of the Year awards, being selected as the best airline by Skytrax in 2010, by Global Traveler in 2011, by Premier Traveler and Business Traveler in 2012. In 2003, Asiana became a member of Star Alliance, which has now the largest network in the world offering more than 18,800 daily flights to 1,317 destinations in 193 countries.

Date established: February 17, 1988
Type of Business: Air Transportation
Product/Service: Air Transportation, In-flight Sales, Refueling Services, etc.
Fleet: 83 aircrafts (as of June 2018)

Service route
Domestic: 10 cities, 11 routes
International Passenger: 21 countries, 63 cities, 76 routes
International Cargo: 11 countries, 26 cities, 23 routes