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Samcheonggak, where you can enjoy the style and tastes of Korea

Built in 1972 and having served as the North-South Red Cross conference talks banquet hall for the joint communique of July 4th between South and North Korea, Samcheonggak is a historical place that wishes for the union of "South and North", "traditions and modern ways of life" and "Korea and the world". Today, it is a traditional culture-based complex operated by Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and is an internationally-known tourist attraction where tourists can experience the elegant traditional style and taste of Korea through the traditional creative succession.

Guests can hold international meetings, corporate events, seminars, traditional performances, cultural experience events, arts education, traditional weddings, family gatherings and many other private events in the 6 traditional Korean- style annexes of Samcheonggak-Ilhwadang, Cheongcheondang, Yuhajeong, Cheonchudang, Chuihandang, Dongbaekheon. You can also feel the unique quiet and calming atmosphere of Samcheonggak at the Korean restaurant, the origin of Korean food where tourists from all over the world visit, and the garden cafe, Dawon, where you could enjoy a cup of tea.

We present to you a new experience in Korean Tradition!!