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ON River Station

ON River Station
ON River Station

With its stunning and breathtaking night views of the Han River, N Seoul Tower, and the Dongho Bridge, On River Station has been an iconic and must-visit venue among Seoulites and foreign visitors for a decade.

A multi-recreational venue, On River is designed to provide quality service for food and beverages as well as banquets. Consisting of 3-storey complex, guests can enjoy an excellent dining experience thanks to top on-site chefs and a variety of quality menu options suitable for all ages in a stylish and comfortable atmosphere.

  • Bar & Dining (1F):

    enjoy more than 100 varieties of wine, specially-selected whiskies and trendy cocktails in a romantic environment.
  • Bistro cafe & steakhouse (2F):

    a wide range of options such as brunch specialties, pasta, salad, dessert and coffee prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. ON River’s choice steak cuts are aged, grilled and served with well-matched side dishes.
  • Party hall & house wedding (3F):

    designed for events such as conferences, launch parties, business meetings and luncheons, house weddings and family gatherings.