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BONGRAEHEON(Mayfield Hotel) (Mayfield Hotel)

BONGRAEHEON(Mayfield Hotel)
BONGRAEHEON(Mayfield Hotel)

Located in Gangseo-gu alongside the five-star Mayfield Hotel, Bongraeheon is a Korean restaurant suitable for business meetings and various other gatherings. The building is the work of master carpenter Lee Il-gu, His masterful traditional methods excluded use of any nails, and the exuberant colors of the building (called dancheong) correspond to the ideas of yin and yang and the five elements of the universe. To complement this, staff dress in the hanbok typical of royal courtesans as seen in the popular Korean television drama Dae Jang Geum, with the overall aim of giving guests the impression they are dining like kings.

Traditional Korean cuisine from Seoul and surrounding Gyeonggi Province is served, relying on indispensable condiments such as doenjang and ganjang prepared on-site along with other freshly-grown ingredients supplied by the hotel’s farm in South Chungcheong Province. The menu emphasizes light and clear tastes skillfully prepared by master chef of Korean cuisine of 27 years, Ms. Lee Geum-hee, serving to demonstrate the essence of traditional Korean cuisine.

In 2007, Bongraeheon was selected as one of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s “Proud Korean Restaurants”, and was spotlighted by the Zagat Survey as one of the best Korean restaurants from 2010-12. In September 2014, MInistry of Culture, Sports, andTourism and KTO Certified Restaurant providing Royal Cuisine Experience