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Jinjinbara (Yeouido branch)

  • Representative
    Deok-yeon Lee
  • Business Inquiries
    Young-jae Kim
  • Address
    NH Nonghyeop Capital Bldg. B1/B2, 45-3 Yeoido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-998, Korea
  • Phone
    82 2 3454 0633
  • Fax
    82 2 3454 0634
  • Homepage
  • E-mail

Jinjinbara is the traditional Korean restaurant in which 17-20 types of dishes are served in the course style of the royal Joseon (1392- 1910) court. Offering a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics and service, Jinjinbara is an ideal venue for international visitors interested in discovering the many facets of Korean culture.

  • Traditional Korean atmosphere
  • ‘Foreigner’s Dinner Event dedicated support team’ - Restaurant Hygiene rating AAA, Seoul
  • Dinner Reception Planning Available