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Bamboo House

Bamboo House
Bamboo House

The taste of authentic Korean food is something special that cannot be achieved just by following a recipe. We at BambooHouse calls this extra

ingredient ‘devotion’. With over 20 years of heritage, BambooHouse Restaurant provides our valued guests a fine Korean dining experience, offering only the best ingredients and service quality.

The combination of exquisite artworks located in our modern atmosphere, personalized menu offerings, and top notch service has branded Bamboo House Restaurant as one of the best fine dining Korean restaurant beloved by many international celebrities, dignitaries, and CEOs.

Our philosophy is to serve our guests food made with love.  In order to provide the most authentic flavors, we use only natural and locally grown ingredients. We source daily the freshest ingredients from our own farm and trusted network of suppliers.  We layer on our devotion and effort in the cooking process to create dishes that are delicious and healthy.  Our culture of serving food with pride has been our hallmark over the past 20 years.

BambooHouse was Established in 1995 and our restaurant’s unique architecture design was previously awarded the Seoul Architecture Festival Prize. Our guests are able to enjoy the bamboo tree scenery inside and outside the restaurant. We also offer the selection of many private dining rooms, in various sizes, to meet the needs of our clients.