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ARA artcenter

ARA artcenter
  • Representative
    Myung-sung Kim
  • Business Inquiries
    In-mi Jeon
  • Address
    26, Insadong 9 gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110 -170, Korea
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ARA artcenter

Ara Art Center is located in Insadong and was created out of the desire for a space for creative exhibitions.
We have 15 exhibition halls within our 9 floors and the exhibition rooms have an average height of 3.5 meters including a 14 meters high exhibition space.
The Ara Art Center strives to push the potentials of culture through the coexistence of design and art and we strive to showcase a variety of artists and their work. We work with the surrounding Insadong region and beyond to maintain a cultural belt with high quality contents and offerings and to be a root of Korean culture to the world.