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SPC Square

SPC Square

Main Text of Member Company Introduction

SPC Square is a multicultural venue featuring dining facilities and art allowing visitors to enjoy a wide range of dining brands along with culture and art. Developed under the concept of a “small square within an urban area” a range of dining options are found in the space. The first and second floors houses Vera Pizza, where you will find authentic Napoli pizza baked fresh in an oven made from volcanic stone, Coffee@Works, a specialty coffee brand that pours the most unique character in a cup, La’tellier with a feast of brunch and dessert dishes, and Glucks Schwein where you can experience a colorful range of processed meat dishes of German metzgerei. On the third floor is LAGRILLIA, a casual Italian restaurant where you can enjoy steaks, pasta and risotto dishes and wine recommended by experienced sommeliers while the fourth floor includes Bistro Bar LAGRILLIA, the second concept of LAGRILLIA featuring a variety of craft beers and wine along with BBQ and snack menus.

In particular, LAGRILLIA on the third floor and Bistro Bar on the fourth are capable of hosting a range of events, such as business events, with excellent dining.