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Korean Stone Art Museum

Korean Stone Art Museum
Korean Stone Art Museum

A Place of healing in the city ? Korean Stone Art Museum

The Korean Stone Art Foundation established the Korean Stone Art Museum in Seongbuk-dong, a beautiful district surrounded by Bugaksan Mountain and the historic Seoul City Wall.

The Museum, consisting of six exhibition halls including an outdoor exhibition garden, is a place where tradition and modernism come together in harmony. It strives to transcend the constricted traditional view of regarding stone sculptures as mere decorative artifacts in Buddhist temples or in tombs, and introduces a modern perspective that focuses on our ancestors' wisdom and their philosophy of life.

The Museum also has an art cafe, displaying embroidery works created by Korean women. Plus, the special Exhibition hall showcases artworks created of Korea’s most famous modern and contemporary artists.

The highlight of the museum is its outdoor exhibition garden, which boasts a panoramic view of Seoul and features a variety of stone sculptures standing among wild flowers. Visitors can enjoy this natural atmosphere while strolling through the statues.

Enjoying a leisurely stroll through a garden that embraces so appropriately the seasonal beauty is reason enough to visit the museum and better understand the Korean spirit.