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Jeongdong Maru

Jeongdong Maru is Jeongdong Theater’s Unique Venues and it is located in the middle of Seoul down town; Jeongdong-gil in where cultural heritages from Korea’s modern society are located. Due to its geographic location, Jeongdong Maru has atmosphere from the mixture of Korean tradition and modernity at the same time. Jeongdong Maru also presents the style and sophistication through its modern interior which is borrowed from Korean Traditional Housing(Hanok). In this venue, projector, screen, professional PA system and light system are fully equipped. Jeongdong Maru is a cultural space for various events such as house concert, seminar, business events and promotional events etc. This is the best choice for your business events.(Total area: 143㎡, Capacity: 60 seats or 80 standing audiences) Jeongdong is a cultural heritage place of Modern times in where modern architectural properties are concentrated. As well as Duksugung Palace, you can see the modern architectural properties such as Seoul Anglican Cathedral(Cultural Heritage of Seoul), Jungmyeongjeon Hall(Historical Site), Chungdong First Methodist Church and Memorial of Simpson in Ewha girl’s high school(The first institution for women) around the theater. Also you can experience various cultural event around City Hall and Seoul Museum of Arts.