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The hidden mansion located in the midst of Seoul city, La Vie Douce: is the residence of the chairman of Hanjin Film Company where more than 200 films were produced in the past 40 years.

In 2013, La Vie Douce opened its doors. The large garden gives the atmosphere of privacy. With a luxurious private concept, it resembles a European mansion as the limestones cover the surrounding walls and coral bricks inside.

About 300 people can be accommodated, and the decoration of the entire mansion can be restructured according to the needs of the private events, social parties, and also wedding ceremonies and banquets.

Our Grand La Bene has a unique feature in its design to connect the inside and out, the nature and the mansion. There are various rooms within the mansion and also a private club, Club La Bene in the basement of the mansion.

La Vie Douce is able to provide a special event designed just for that one special person.