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Seoul Launches Experience Program Support for Incentive Groups


- Seoul Launches Experience Program Support for Incentive Groups -


Corporate and incentive groups coming this year to Seoul may now qualify for its new experience program support.

For qualifying corporate groups and meetings staying at least two consecutive nights in Seoul and at least 100 total nights altogether, Seoul can help organize an experience program and offer financial subsidies and discounts.


Five main experience programs in all were developed for groups to enjoy which include:

1.     Walking on the upcoming urban sky park of Seoullo 7017.

2.     Bicycle riding on the Han River

3.     Trekking on the Seoul City Wall

4.     Traditional culture programs such as hanbok wearing, traditional instrument lessons, etc offered by a Seoul MICE Alliance organization  

5.     K-Pop dance lesson and makeover 


In addition to the five programs, interested groups can also propose an experience program through a local travel agency for consideration of support.


A corporate group from Indonesia is utilizing the new support to experience the green side of Seoul on April 26 when the group’s 100 members will enjoy a bike ride along the Han River. The fun bike experience will be joined by Seoul’s mayor Park Won Soon who plans to not only meet the group at the Hangang Park but bike with them.


The new support was launched in April as a way to offer incentive groups a memorable experience while showcasing Seoul’s many cultural, historic, and trend-setting merits.

Jae Yong Kim, Director of Seoul’s Tourism Policy Division, vowed to continue enhancing the experience for incentive and corporate groups saying, “Hallyu and overall interest in Korean culture is continuing to attract visitors to Seoul and particularly from Southeast Asia which makes up 35% of inbound corporate and incentive groups. Seoul will continue to develop unique experience programs for them to ensure their time is memorable.”


Corporate and incentive groups interested in the experience support program can contact Steve Kwak at the Seoul Convention Bureau at dohwi@seoulwelcom.