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Seoul MICE Alliances Meet to Take Leaps in the 2018 MICE Industry


Seoul MICE Alliances Meet to Take Leaps in the 2018 MICE Industry 



At newly opened hotel-plex Seoul Dragon City, roughly 300 participants gathered for the 2017 Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) Meeting on November 24 to reflect over the past year, strengthen relationships, and share ideas and plans for growth in the Seoul MICE industry on a collaborative scale. Many events took place throughout the entire program that kept the participants lively entertained. The meeting was organized with the aim to vitalize networking among the SMA members, to welcome the 38 new members - totaling 260 members - and to encourage everyone for the prospective year through the awarding of outstanding members with certificates of recognition and awards.


The Annual Seoul MICE Alliance Meeting was scheduled after the Seoul MICE Week that took place in the afternoon on the same day, where worldwide MICE professionals gathered to discuss the latest trends in MICE and the outlook on Seoul, currently ranked 3rd convention city worldwide.


The meeting began with a congratulatory address by Jun-ho Ahn, Director of Tourism and Sports of the city of Seoul, followed by a welcoming speech by acting president of the STO, Byung-gon Seo. Director Jun-ho Ahn stated, In order for Seoul to take a step forward to become an advanced MICE city, the role of an effective public-private partnership supported by the Seoul Metropolitan city will become more important. He added, In order to develop the MICE industry, which will become the future cash cow of Seoul, the city will collect various opinions from the industry and we try our best to provide support.




Following the welcoming speech, the awarding ceremony took place where certificates of recognition and awards were handed out to outstanding members. It was an opportunity to thank the stakeholders who worked hard for the development of the MICE industry despite facing difficulties from external factors, and also to encourage other members to actively put in efforts for the year 2018.



Throughout the entire meeting, various festive activities took place with the purpose to make participants easily and comfortably interact with each other and establish tighter relationships. The dresscode of the event was “Ribbon”, which symbolized the “binding” of the members and also “to be reborn”, indicating to cooperate and work hard again on an entire new level for a prosperous future.  



The SMA Annual Meeting overall created a meaningful opportunity for SMA members to come together to reflect over the past year, enhance relationships, and share plans for a thriving future of the Seoul MICE industry. “Even though this year has been rough for us due to various external challenges, we are eagerly making plans to take over the market again in 2018”.