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About the Seoul MICE Supporters

The Seoul MICE Supporters are highly trained and dedicated multilingual staff
chosen from convention-related departments of universities.
They are able to provide support for a wide variety of operations for your
MICE event in Seoul.


International MICE events with at least 50 or more international participants in Seoul


  • ① Expert helpers - experienced in MICE events and fluent in several languages
  • ② Affordable - with city subsidies, each supporter will cost 40,000 KRW a day
  • ③ Seoul Convention Bureau assistance in recruitment and management of Supporters

Application Process

  • ①  Client fills out application form [Download]
  • ② Request for Supporters reviewed 
  • ③ Supporter applicants screened by Seoul Convention Bureau
  • ④ Resumes of candidates sent to client
  • ⑤ Client informs Seoul Convention Bureau of chosen finalists (name, duration of requested support, main responsibilities of each supporter)
  • ⑥ After event, client fills out evaluation form and sends to Seoul Convention Bureau
  • ※ Red font denotes responsibility of client
  • ※ Please send the application form at least 2 months prior to event.

Important information

  • ① The Seoul Convention Bureau will carefully monitor your request to evaluate whether your needs can be met by the Supporters. Depending on the event period, its special characteristics, and other factors, the Supporters may not be able to satisfy all the needs for your event. In this case, please be prepared to pursue other options.
  • ② Supporters are paid 80,000 KRW for each day of support (up to 8 hours per day). Half of this is subsidized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
  • ③ If Supporters work over 8 hours in one workday, the client must pay for overtime charges (range from KRW 8,000 per hour) based on this rate. To request overtime, organizer must notify in advance and receive the consent of each Supporter that is to work overtime. Payment must be paid in cash onsite at the end of the event.
  • ④ The attached evaluation form must be filled out within 2 weeks after the event.
  • ⑤ For additional requests or services regarding the Seoul MICE Supporters that are not explicitly stated in this document, please discuss them with the Seoul MICE Supporter contact point in advance.