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Financial Support for Corporate Meetings & Incentives

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Seoul does a lot more for Corporate Meetings & Incentives!

Financial support is offered for corporate meetings and incentives in Seoul that are attended by 50 or more international participants staying at least two nights in Seoul. The eligible event may receive support for both the bidding of the event and the actual hosting of the event.


  • - At least 50 or more international participants
  • - Staying at least two consecutive nights in Seoul

Type of Support and Details

Services and Products Eligible for Support Total Amount Offered
Seoul promotional souvenirs, airport welcoming events, ground transportation, banquets, performances, Seoul tour programs 20,000KRW ~ 30,000KRW per participants
(Up to a max of 100,000,000KRW)


Download Seoul City Logo
  • 1. Seoul City with logo must be identified as a sponsor on a minimum of two promotional items.(banner, transportation board, booklet, etc.)
  • 2. submission of the result report

Procedure for Financial Support

click here to download the form

○ Required Documents for Application

  • 1. Application form
  • 2. Event Description (including itinerary)
  • 3. Foreign Participants list
  • 4. Business License

※Please note that we send the confirmation letter to the host, travel agencies and all related parties.

Email: hjwkorea@seoulwelcome.com

Deadline: Applications must be submitted at least one month before the event

Required Documents for Report

  • 1. Event Report form
  • 2. Foreign Participants List (must fill out the form without leaving any column blank)
  • 3. Photo of 2 promotional things exposed with Seoul city logo
  • 4. Survey (Refer to Report 3/3)
  • 5. Expense statement

※ After evaluating the submitted Financial Report Form, payments are not remitted to the applicant but rather the company to which it has incurred a cost. For instance, subsidies for the printing of promotional materials shall result in a payment to a printing press as opposed to the applicant.

Email: hjwkorea@seoulwelcome.com, jhan@seoulwelcome.com

Deadline: Report must be submitted within one month after the event

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