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Financial Support for Corporate Meetings & Incentives

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Support Program

Seoul actively supports and provides incentives for business events held in Seoul.

Information on Support


Corporate meetings & incentives staying at least 2 consecutive nights in Seoul with 100 nights or more altogether
※ Financial support goes to local organizations.

Support Details

Basic Support 20,000 KRW per international participant
Seoul MICE Alliance Support One Seoul MICE Card* given to international participants when using 3 or more Seoul MICE Alliance members
* Transportation card with a value of 8,000 KRW (balance of 5,000 KRW)
Special Support 10,000 KRW per international participant when using recommended Seoul experience:
① Walking on the Seoullo 7017
② Bicycle riding on the Hangang River
③ Trekking on the Seoul City Wall
④ Hallyu experience
⑤ Traditional culture experience
⑥ Newly suggested program

※ Differential support provided in terms of event funding (Max 100,000,000 KRW)

※ Items for which event funding can be used: dinner, vehicles, performances, admission to tourist attractions in Seoul

How to Apply

Application for a financial support must be made via the SCB’s official website. As all forms must be completed in Korean, only the Korean local organizing committee, related Korean organization, local PCO or DMC is allowed to apply for the process. Please contact the SCB?at least 1 month?prior to the event begins.

Documents to Submit

1. Application for Support of Hosting

2. Overview of Event

3. List of Foreign Participants

4. Itinerary

Conditions for Support

1. Must submit a results report and statement of accounts. (expenditure evidences)

2. Must clearly mention and insert Seoul City's official logo at least twice on event-related PR materials.
※ Logo inserted PR materials need to be confirmed in advance
※ ‘Sponsored by’ or ‘Supported by’ must be clearly shown on PR materials
- Download Seoul City's Logo image

3. Must present Seoul City PR video at the time of the event. (photo evidence required)
- Download Seoul City's PR video

4. Must clearly insert tourism information provided by Seoul City if official website of the event is available.

5. Questionnaires must be completed by the organizer and the participants in cooperation with the organizers.

6. Must provide records of past meetings and incentives hosted as well as information on future planned events.

Reasons for Withdrawal of Decision of Support and Reduction or Restitution of Financial Support

- Where the support funding has been determined or paid based upon false information, such as exaggerating participant numbers, the decision on financial support may be reversed, withdrawn, reduced or subject to restitution.

- Where the documents submitted in application for financial support or reporting of results is incomplete, financial support may be reduced or the decision on financial support withdrawn.

- Where the conditions for financial support (such as explicitly mentioning Seoul City's support, inclusion of the Seoul logo and others) are not fulfilled, financial support may be reduced or the decision withdrawn.

- Where Seoul City's support has been mentioned or the logo has been used in any other auxiliary events other than the approved event without permission, the decision on financial support may be withdrawn or the financial support reduced or subject to restitution.

- Where financial support has been awarded for tourism which is not related to a corporate meeting or incentive organized by a business, the decision on financial support may be withdrawn or the financial support restituted.

- Where any public criticism has been made even after the notice of support has been given or the support has been already paid, the decision on support may be withdrawn or the financial support must be restituted.

Contact Information

Contact Information
Event P.I.C. Phone Email
Corporate Meeting
Stephen Kwak
Julia Lee
Apply and Report the Results

Submit the result report of financial support

Application Procedure

  • Organizer: Submission of application

    At least one month before the time when the financial support is required

  • Convention Bureau: Application examination and notice of result

    After receiving the application, the notice of examination result is to be sent

  • Organizer:Proceed based on the items to be supported

    Fulfill the conditions for financial support, such as mentioning Seoul City's logo at least twice

  • Organizer: Submit the result report

    Within 1 month after completion of the event

  • Convention Bureau: Payment of financial support after review

    Pay the financial support to the relevant transaction party

Application and Result Report

(1) Application for Support
? Apply using “One-stop Service” on the right
※ Application for financial support available in Korean only
(2) Result Report
? Report the result using “One-stop Service” on the right
? Submission period: Within 1 month after the event is completed
? Documents to submit: Report of event result (online form), final list of foreign participants, photos, PR materials showing the explicit mention of Seoul City's official logo and photos/images showing the presentation of the Seoul City's PR video, copy of business registration certificate and bankbook of transaction party
? Payment of financial support: Pay to the transaction party after receiving the result report