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Everything under one roof.

Coex Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul is Korea’s venue of choice. Established in 1979, Coex provides more than 20 years of experience and know-how in the local MICE industry. The center is conveniently located in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul’s business district, and hosts a yearly average of 200 exhibitions and over 2,000 separate meetings and events. Coex’s meetings facilities consist of 4 main exhibition halls and 54 dividable meeting rooms. On-site accommodations include three 5-star hotels, Asia’s largest shopping mall, three multinational office skyscrapers, two top theaters, and the city’s only airport terminal. Coex’s infrastructure ensures that all your needs - be they business, entertainment, shopping, or culture - are met right here under one roof.


  • Total area: 106,612m²
  • No. of meeting rooms: 54
  • Total exhibition space: 36,007m²
  • Date of establishment: 1979
  • From Incheon int’l Airport: 60min. / 64.75km


Meeting Hall

Name of Hall Location Dividable Capacity
Grand BallRoom 1st floor Dividable into 5 sections 1,800(TH)
Auditorium 3rd floor Tiered Theater 1,058
Hall E 3rd floor Dividable into 6 sections 1,560(TH)
Conference Room North 201 2nd floor Circular 200(TH)
Conference Room North: Session 2nd floor 2 Rooms of This Type Available 200(TH)
Conference Room North: Small 2nd floor 4 Rooms of This Type Available 20(TH)
Conference Room North: Corner 2nd floor 2 Rooms of This Type Available 30(TH)
Conference Room North: medium 2nd floor 4 Rooms of This Type Available 40(TH)
Conference Room South 300 3rd floor - 200(TH)
Conference Room South 301 3rd floor Dividable into 2 sections 200(TH)
Conference Room South: Corner 3rd floor 11 Rooms of This Type Available 36(TH)
Conference Room South: medium 3rd floor 10 Rooms of This Type 40(TH)
Conference Room South: Large 3rd floor 5 Rooms of This Type Available 300(TH)
Conference Room South 401 4th floor Tiered Theater 450
Conference Room South 402 4th floor -


Conference Room South 403 4th floor - 140(TH)


Exhibition hall

Name of Hall Location Space Capacity
Hall A 1st floor 10,368m²  
Hall B 1st floor 8,010m²  
Hall C 3rd floor 10,328m²  10,000(TH)
Hall D 3rd floor 7,281m² 6,500  (TH)

Major Events


  • 22nd World Congress of Dermatology
  • 4th World Summit of the International Association of Prosecutors
  • 60th CIDESCO World Conference
  • EU Gateway Program


  • G-20 Seoul Summit 2010
  • 23rd International Union of Forest Research Organizations
  • 7th World Stroke Congress
  • SIGGRAPH Asia 2010
  • 4th Grobal Conference for the Alliance of Healthy Cities
  • Business For the Evironment Summit 2010
  • The 2nd UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education


  • World Congress on sleep Apnea Seoul
  • The 2nd Peptide and Protein Conference
  • The 2nd World Congress of Industrial Biotechnology
  • World Civic Forum
  • Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference
  • IEEE T&D Conference
  • The 9th World Congress on Sleep Apnea (WCSA 2009)
  • The 14th Asia Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition
  • The 14th Congress of the Asia Pacific society of Respirology


  • Asian Game Publisher-invited Information Seminar
  • 8th World Congress on Railway Research
  • Open Social Conference Korea 2008
  • Korea-EU ICT Forum
  • XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work
  • 17th International Federation of Automatic Control World Congress
  • SONY IPELA Security Solution Seminar
  • International Seminar 2008 – “The Present and the Future of Indoor Ventilation”
  • “Korea-Japan Joint Greenhouse Gas Management” Workshop
  • Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver
  • OECD Ministerial World Congress on Safety and Health at Work


  • IFED 5th World Congress
  • The 7th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (WCSMO-7)
  • The FAOBMB International Congress
  • The 15th IFHRO Congress
  • The 27th IAIA Congress and Seminar
  • The 4th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Global IPv6 Summit in Korea 2007
  • CLEO PR 2007
  • The 12th World Conference on Lung Cancer
  • The 15th Triennial Congress of Asia Pacific Orthopedic Association
  • International Digital Content Conference 2007
  • International Conference of E-LEARNING 2007
  • The 2007 World Conference on Surgical Patient Care
  • HUPO 2007
  • The International Hospital Federation's 35th World Hospital Congress in Seoul
  • The 4th World Aesthetic Skin & Spa Conference

Meeting Rooms

One of Coex’s great strengths lies in the abundance and flexibility of its meeting rooms. Coex’s 54 rooms can be divided into over 90 different spaces to accommodate meetings of any size.
North Wing
① Grand Ballroom
The Grand Ballroom is a 1,817 m² pillar-free space that can be divided into five sections. It is ideal for conference breakout sessions and combined conference/exhibition events.
② Conference Room North
This 12-room complex is centered around the historic ASEM Hall, a circular summit venue with 17 simultaneous translation booths. The grandly decorated hall was host to world leaders during the Asia-Europe Meeting in 2000.
③ Auditorium
The sweeping 1,080-seat Auditorium is furnished with a superb acoustics and a built-in translation system, making it ideal for international conferences. The 998 m² lobby’s glass wall faces the historic Bongeunsa Temple across the street.
South Wing
④ Hall E
Hall E is a 1,620 m² multipurpose space that divides into 6 sections. The modern, carpeted hall can host exhibitions, conferences, or banquets.
⑤ Conference Room South
This two-story conference complex holds 31 diverse rooms in total, with capacities ranging from 12 to 300. It is also the location of Coex’s second tiered auditorium, Room 401, which seats 450 guests.

Exhibition Halls

Coex’s four exhibition halls are the most popular venues for trade shows in Korea. Each hall connects directly to spacious loading docks, and is equipped with expansive utility trenches.
Halls A and B on the first floor connect via swing space, as do halls C and D on the third floor.
① Hall A
This 10,368 m² space can be divided into four different halls. Its size and location next to the Coex Mall entrance makes it the center’s most popular exhibition facility.
② Hall B
This 8,010 m² hall near the North Wing can be divided into two spaces. Its white LED lighting renovation makes it ideal for art exhibitions.

③ Hall C
Hall C is a 10,348 m² space with a large pillar-free middle section. The hall can hold 520 booths or up to 10,000 guests for concerts.
④ Hall D
Hall D is a completely pillar-free 7,281 m² plenary hall that can hold 6,500 guests. Its honey-colored wooden interior makes it excellent for both convention sessions or exhibitions.
COEX is the ideal location for your special event. With its broad range of multifunctional facilities that can be tailored to accommodate any kind of event COEX has become a very popular venue. It hosts more than 200 trade shows every year in order to showcase the Korean industry and to welcome foreign businesses. COEX maintains almost 30% of the market share of the domestic exhibition industry in Korea. In close cooperation with international exhibition organizations such as APECC, UFI and IAEE, the center has attracted many international exhibitions. In 2001, COEX was nominated by Association Meetings Magazine as one of the world’s top 10 exhibition & convention centers. 


World Trade Center Seoul

Coex is the physical heart and the managing body of the 12-building complex known as World Trade Center Seoul, or WTCS. WTCS was established in 1988, and occupies 190,386m² of Seoul’s business district, Gangnam. WTCS supports international business with more than the essentials. From hosting international conferences and exhibitions, to providing accommodations, shopping, dining, and entertainment, visitors can find everything they need here in one spot.
① Coex Mall
Coex Mall is Asia’s largest underground mall, with nearly 300 stores and restaurants in total. It is also one of Seoul’s most popular shopping and tourism spots, and welcomes nearly 150,000 visitors each day. Popular stops at the mall include:
- Megabox, Seoul’s highest-grossing cinema
- Coex Aquarium, home to 40,000 sea creatures
- The Kimchi Museum, dedicated to Korea’s most
famous culinary export
② City Air Terminal
Seoul’s only City Air Terminal is conveniently located at Coex, allowing visitors to take limousine buses or taxis directly to the airport from the center. Passengers can also check their bags and
pick up tickets for certain participating airlines.
③ Hotels
Coex has three five-star hotels on-site: the Coex Intercontinental Hotel, Grand Intercontinental Hotel, and Oakwood Premiere. In total, there are 1,442 rooms at Coex. Each hotel offers luxury services and the convenience of a direct physical connection to the Coex Center.
④ International Offices
WTCS houses three luxury office skyscrapers: ASEM Tower, Trade Tower, and City Air Tower. The towers hold a wealth of multinational firms and international trade associations, and are some of the most prestigious business addresses in Seoul.
⑤ Theaters
Coex is home to two of Seoul’s most popular theaters, the Coex Art Hall and CoexArtium. CoexArtium is a premiere 800-seat theater dedicated to large-scale musicals, while the Art Hall is a boutique 180-seat theater for dramas and comedies.
⑦ Casino
The high-end Seven Luck Casino is located near the Oakwood Premiere. Come try your luck during your stay!

COEX Artium

COEX is proud of its new addition to the COEX Complex: The COEX Artium. Located next to the Trade Tower, the COEX Artium is a modern glass structure that houses an elegant musical performances theater. With its international guests in mind, COEX wants to bring Korean culture and entertainment closer to foreign visitors. The 808-seat theater is a great place to wind down after a long day in meetings. Come and dive into the colors and sounds of the vibrant culture of Korea.


Convention Service

• Convention Organizing Team
Coex’s professional convention organizing (PCO) team is one of Korea’s most experienced convention groups. The PCO team has planned both government and association conventions from the likes of the ASEM Summit to the World Cup Media Center to G20 Summit Hall in 2010. The team offers services such as event promotions, operations, speaker management, catering, hotel planning, ceremony and reception programs, tour programs, budget management, and more.
• Convention Support Services
Coex provides necessary equipment for your event such as interpretation booths, beam projectors, microphones and more. Wired and wireless internet services are available in all meeting rooms upon request. For smooth and uninterrupted operation of your event, staff members are posted at every corner around the center, ready to support you.
• Site Inspection and Bidding Support
Coex can provide your event representatives with support for site inspections and other services, including transportation and accommodations. Coex is also the only convention center in Korea to receive convention support services on a district level, which comes from our home, the City of Gangnam.